Only fools and horses….

…work as the saying went long before the TV series did.  The way that horses contribute to the economy and society more generally has changed dramatically from the days of horse-drawn ploughs and open landaus carrying the well heeled to and fro.  Nevertheless the horse is much more than an a remnant of a pre-industrial past.  The present day contribution of the horse to sport, sales and marketing, art and culture, rehabilitation and therapy and the leisure industry is real and measured in billions of dollars worldwide.

Completion Of The World's Largest Of Equine Sculptures

FALKIRK, SCOTLAND – NOVEMBER 27: Donna Auchinvole with Duke and Lorraine Clark with Barron, Clydesdale Horses, attend a topping out ceremony at The Kelpies on November 27, 2013 in Falkirk, Scotland. Construction work has been completed on Andy Scott’s Kelpies, the world’s largest pair of equine sculptures and one of the UKs tallest pieces of public art. The 30 metre tall Kelpies have cost £5million to complete and play a central role in the £43 million, 350-hectare Helix land transformational project between Falkirk and Grangemouth. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images) ORG XMIT: 452717073

The articles and posts in this online publication are to promote discussion of the issues which matter for people who work or play with horses, own them, ride them or just love them.  Horse sport is regulated, mostly by sports governing bodies, but the state is responsible for legislation and policy which governs many other aspects from veterinary treatment to ownership records.  In short horses still work and there is plenty to talk about…..


About Dr Jonathan Glen Merritt

Senior Lecturer in Sports Law and Criminal Justice, and a member of the Sports Law Unit at Leicester De Montfort University School of Law, UK. PhD in Equine sports law governance, especially disciplinary structures. Also competing as an owner and rider with British Dressage. Obviously all views expressed are author's alone except where a guest author has contributed.
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