About ELPR

There are plenty of publications dedicated to equestrianism, horse racing and the care and management of horses.  There are few if any however which concern themselves with the advancement of the horse as a vibrant part of 21st Century life and society.  This blog/online magazine (‘blogzine’?) seeks to provide engaging journalism with much of the rigour of academic research.  The editor is keen to publish articles which explore key issues concerning the relationship between the horse and the human world.  iStockWestern-RidingThese might include the horse in sport, horse welfare legislation, the place of the horse in the economy and how the horse is employed in treatments and therapy but are by no means limited to that.  The pieces published, sometimes from guest authors, are intended to be of interest to anyone but particularly those for instance who work in the horse industry, are responsible for horse related policy or who write about horses professionally.  There is a general assumption that the horse is largely of historical interest but there are over eighty sports disciplines worldwide that involve horses as participants in one form or another and there is a residual agricultural role, for instance in forestry as well as a growing interest in the horse as a means of rehabilitation.  Just some of the areas this publication will be exploring.

Jonathan Merritt, Editor.