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The End for Equestrianism at the Olympics?

This rather nightmarish headline, for those of us committed to horse-sport anyway, is a possibility sad to say. These sports are being ‘evaluated’ based on viewership, social media and outreach to consider whether they should remain in the Olympics, this … Continue reading

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The Queen is a cheat!

Of course she is no such thing and you do not have to be a staunch monarchist to say so.  However the way that doping rules are written in sports where one of the athletes is non-human, horse racing for … Continue reading

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Attack of the clones….

…well everyone else was getting in on the Star Wars act this week so why not?  The legality of and ethical issues around horse cloning is likely to be one of the themes I want to explore in my post-doctoral research. … Continue reading

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Only fools and horses….

…work as the saying went long before the TV series did.  The way that horses contribute to the economy and society more generally has changed dramatically from the days of horse-drawn ploughs and open landaus carrying the well heeled to … Continue reading

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